Farm Animals

Train with Trust offers many services to help build a great relationship with your farm animals.  All prices listed below do not include travel charges.

Behavior Consultation – $175


One-on-one behavior consultations help owners to understand the root causes of behavior challenges and how to take a positive approach to changing behavior patterns. Consultations include an in-depth assessment and custom behavior plan followed up with detailed guidance and coaching to achieve results.

Train with Trust has expertise in addressing complex issues such as:

  • Fearfulness & Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Crate & carrier training
  • Trailer Loading
  • Reduce nuisance behaviors

Telephone & Skype Consultation – $75

In many cases, phone or Skype consultations can be very effective in helping you to resolve common behavior problems with your pet. Once we have received your completed history form, on-line sharing of videos and photos of your animal’s behavior and environment will take the place of a home visit. We will email a Recommendations Summary to you as well as any supporting information and training protocols.

Specialized Farm Animal Services

  • Preventive training for good manners
  • Training for health
  • Enrichment for stress reduction and behavioral wellness
  • Voluntary restraint & Cooperation for care: hooves, feet, teeth, beaks,

Classes and Workshops

  • Force-free and chemical-free handling for handling and veterinary care
  • Solving behavior problems
  • Enrichment for farm animals
  • Clicker Train Any Animal

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