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cat2Training for Feline Health
You can teach your cat to be confident and calm during veterinary procedures, nail trims and tooth brushing. We do it all the time with lions, tigers, servals, and other cats in zoos, so why not yours? Most cats are stressed by restraint for grooming, medical exams or treatments. Even those who remain calm and quiet, usually do so out of nervousness or fear, not because they are comfortable with being handled. It doesn’t have to be that way though. A little time and effort can help your kitty (and you) to be less stressed with daily care at home or outings for the annual check-up.

If you’ve always wanted to train or would like to take your training skills to a higher level, we will share our years of experience to guide you and your cat toward great success. You can learn to use clicker training, enrichment and other behavior tools to build an amazing relationship with your cat or address problem behaviors.

Day training
If you prefer to have someone else do the training, we will collaborate with you to prioritize your goals and will work with your cat while you are away. We will update you with progress reports, and finally, transfer the techniques so that your cat responds to you as well as to us.

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