Cats – Online Behavior Consultations

In many cases, phone, Facetime or Skype consultations can be very effective in helping you to resolve common behavior issues such as litter box problems.  Following your consultation, we will email a summary of our recommendations, as well as any supporting information. Once registered, you will receive instructions for the consultation and we will contact you to get your session scheduled.

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Instructions for Online Consultation

Solve litter box problems Online

Initial Session $75

Many factors contribute to litter box problems with cats, and sorting through the details is much easier with the help of an expert. Via on-line video chats, email and phone calls we can gather the info to help solve your unique problem. We will help you understand your cat’s behavior, identify the likely causes, and come up with a customized solution for you and your cat.


Need help with another issue? We can provide an online consultation for your unique situation. Please contact us and provide a description of your problem. We’ll get back to you with our pricing and availability.