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Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten – Kittens need early socialization just like puppies do!

Imagine a cat who loves trips to the vet! Kittens who receive early socialization can grow-up to be healthier, happier and more adaptable companions! Join us to learn the How & Why of early kitten socialization. Kittens must be between 8 and 14 weeks to participate. Some vaccines required.

Classes are held at Aspen View Veterinary Hospital at 5925 Constitution Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.

Free Cat Behavior Classes

Thinking INside the Litter Box
There are many things we can do to set cats up for litter box success. Whether your cat currently has trouble in this area or not, this workshop will arm you with the facts about urine marking, house soiling, prevention and problem solving.

Secrets of Feline Body Language
Want to know what your cat is saying? Cats say more with their bodies than they do with their voices. When we listen to our kitty friends, many behavior problems can be resolved or avoided. Come learn to listen with your EYES!

Introduction to clicker training (yes training!) for cats
Clicker training is an effective method for training ANY animal. While popular with dogs, cat owners are less familiar with the benefits of positive reinforcement training for their feline friends. This hands-on workshop will teach you the how and why of clicking for cats!

Free Classes are held at Look What the Cat Brought In shelter at 2129 E. Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, 80909.

Other Classes

Veterinary visits
Studies have shown that cat owners often avoid seeking veterinary care because clinic visits are so stressful for them and for their cats. The good news is, there is another way. There are many things you can do to make medical care less stressful for your cat – starting with getting into the cat-carrier. Join Train with Trust for a hands-on workshop to learn techniques used by zoo professionals who teach lions and tigers to participate in their own veterinary care.

Feline Enrichment
Cats are sophisticated, intelligent hunters who are adapted to be mentally and physically engaged in the business of surviving. Some cats take to the couch potato life – and need some interesting incentives to stay fit. Others will turn to annoying, destructive or even aggressive behaviors when they aren’t provided with mentally and physically engaging activities. In our hands-on Feline Enrichment Workshop you will learn techniques to provide your cats with a variety of opportunities to show you how amazing they really are.

Multi-cat households
There are many things that can go right, and many things that can go wrong in a multi-cat household. Our interactive workshop for living with more than one cat will teach you the basics of resolving some common trouble spots as well as preventing them from happening in the first place.

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