Cats – Behavior Consultations

Hourly Sessions – $75.00

One-on-one behavior consultations help owners to understand the root causes of behavior challenges and how to take a positive approach to changing behavior patterns. Many common behavior problems are treatable and respond well to individualized environmental changes and training. We can help with common issues such as:

  • Elimination outside the litter box
  • Destructive scratching
  • Fearfulness


Intensive Behavior Packages  – Starting at $175.00

In some cases multiple sessions are required to address issues that are complicated, more severe or involve multiple behavior problems. The Intensive Package includes an initial assessment visit followed-up with a detailed behavior plan, supportive materials, as well as on-going coaching & guidance.

Train with Trust has expertise in addressing complex issues such as:

  • Aggression between cats
  • Aggression toward humans
  • Dog/Cat concerns
  • Child/Cat issues
  • Pica
  • Over-grooming
  • Fearfulness and anxiety
  • Long-term & severe litter box problems

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