Professional Services

Professionals such as pet groomers, veterinarians, zoo managers and animal rescue staff are all affected by animal behavior on a daily basis. A better understanding of animal behavior makes for a safer workplace and provides for a key component of animal welfare – their behavioral well-being.

gallery15When animal care professionals understand behavior, they give better recommendations to pet owners. Owners and animals will, in turn have more success. When clients see that their service providers care about their animal’s behavior and well-being, they are more likely to return. We also offer presentations and workshops that can be included as part of your client retention programs.

Train with Trust provides education and training for professionals who work in all animal care fields. We provide classes and workshops to develop an understanding of animal behavior and how best to plan for and respond to behavior challenges.

We also help businesses to establish behavior management goals, guidelines and programs tailored to their business needs. Veterinary clinics can offer kitten and puppy classes designed to produce pets who are relaxed at the hospital. Groomers can offer positive reinforcement sessions to help anxious animals feel more comfortable being handled. Animal rescue staff and volunteers can help animals get adopted by helping them be more comfortable and learn basic manners. Animal sanctuary and zoo personnel can increase efficiency and welfare by teaching animals to cooperate with shifting and even medical treatments.

Train with Trust will educate your staff and help to set up programs & services within your business that will last long after we are gone. Contact us for more details.