Megan Phillips, BS, ACDBC

After training exotic animals in zoos and aquariums since the early 1990’s, Megan began consulting dog, horse and cat owners in 2006. She achieved her dog training certification in 2007 and received her Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant credential from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) in 2013

meganWhen she began her career as a zookeeper, positive reinforcement training was not yet the norm in exotic animal management. As a pioneer in the training of skittish African antelope in the early 1990’s, Megan has successfully trained many animal species including endangered Black Rhinos, majestic Polar Bears, and highly energetic African Wild Dogs.

Megan brought her training skills to an even higher level when she became a Bottlenose Dolphin trainer, providing once-in-a-lifetime human/dolphin interactions and mentoring other trainers in the best practices of animal behavior management.

Demonstrating her dedication to mastering the skills and principles of applied animal behavior, Megan served as the Conference Content Advisory Committee Chair for the Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA) for 5 years. She continues to be active with several animal behavior groups and associations including ABMA, Pet Professionals Guild and IAABC .

Megan now shares her years of animal behavior experience to teach pet parents how to ensure that their animal companions become confident, well-behaved members of the family. Most importantly Megan’s classes and consultations highlight that training is a fun and rewarding experience for animals and people alike!

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